Intake Manifold Swirl Flap Delete Kit 2.0 TSI TFSI EA113 ( Fiberglass)


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The Runner Flap Delete Kit allows for the removal of the restrictive intake flappers from the factory intake manifold. The factory intake flappers can be a substantial restriction in modified vehicles.

The runner flaps are individual plates, functioning like a throttle body flap, located within each intake manifold runners. However, even when opened to the maximum position, the flaps still represent an airflow restriction.

The runner flap delete system fills the voids in each runner after removing the factory runner flaps.

Each piece of the runner flap delete is precision CNC machined from billet aluminum.

We highly recommend upgrading your tuning software with our kits in order to maximize performance. Simply removing the runner flaps can cause adverse running conditions during cold start. However through proper ECU recalibrations, the turner can eliminate this harsh running condition.

Compatibility with intake manifolds as per foto:
colector admision TSI


Compatible cars:

Kit is valid for all 2.0 TFSI (EA113) engines.

– 125 kW / 168cv – BPJ – Audi A6 (C6), VW Tiguan;

– 136 kW / 182cv – BWA – SEAT Leon;

– 147 kW / 197cv – AXX, BWA, BWE, BPY – Audi A4 (B7), Audi A3 (8P), Audi TT, VW Passat (B6), VW Golf Mk5 GTI, VW Jetta Mk5 GLI, SEAT Leon FR Mk2, SEAT Altea, SEAT Toledo Mk3, SEAT Exeo, Skoda Octavia (1Z) VRS;

– 162 kW / 217cv – BUL – Audi A4 (B7) DTM Edition;

– 162 kW / 217cv – CDL – Volkswagen Polo R WRC;

– 169 kW / 227cv – BYD – VW Golf Mk5 GTI Edition 30, Pirelli Edition;

– 173 kW / 232cv – CDL – Volkswagen Golf MKVI GTI Edition 35;

– 177 kW / 237cv – BWJ – SEAT Leon Cupra, SEAT Leon Cupra Mk2 facelift;

– 188 kW / 252cv – CDL – Audi S3 (8P), Golf R;

– 195 kW / 261cv – BHZ – Audi S3 (8P);

– 195 kW / 261cv – CDL – Audi S3 (8P), Audi TTS, SEAT Leon Cupra R Mk2 facelift, VW Scirocco R;

– 199 kW / 267cv – CDL – Audi TTS, Golf R.