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EGR cooler repair kit 070131512D and 070131512F


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New membrane of the exhaust gas cooler regulator (EGR cooler VW 070131512D and 070131512F).

Over time, due to high temperatures, the membrane dries and ruptures so the regulator (the vacuum valve) of the cooler stops working properly, which affects the consumption and power of the engine. The manufacturer proposes to replace the entire radiator, although only the diaphragm of the vacuum regulator fails.
We propose to save money and change only the broken membrane of the EGR coolers with the references 070131512D and 070131512F of the Volkswagen 2.5 TDI engines, engine types BNZ, BPC, BPD and BPE.


The membranes are made of “Viton” material resistant to high temperatures and oils.

It is not difficult to replace it, doing it without haste took less than 20min. Steps to follow:

1. Remove the motor cover and unscrew the cooler regulator (the vacuum valve). It is fixed with 2 screws.
2. Unhook the housing with a flat-blade screwdriver.
3. Unscrew the membrane with a 10 wrench.
4. Clean the housing of dirt and dust and replace the membrane.
5. Assemble in the reverse order.