Anulacion fallo Airbag BMW 3 6

Seat occupancy sensor airbag bypass BMW E90 E91 E92 E93 E63 E64


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Passenger seat occupancy sensor airbag bypass BMW

Plug&Play seat occupancy sensor bypass solution for very common BMW problem – active AIRBAG warning light.

Compatible vehicles:

BMW Serie 3  E90, E91, E92, E93

BMW Serie 5  E60 from ~ 10.2005

BMW Serie 6  E63, E64 from ~ 10.2005

Attention: It is not recommended to bring children in front in the child seat as the airbag may harm your child in case of an accident – it cannot be disconnected. Kindly note that this solution should only be temporary, we always recommend original replacement parts.

It is very simple Plug&Play item, just plug it under passenger seat . Few minutes to install. In very RARE cases airbag system errors needs to be cleared using special diagnostic equipment. Typically warning light goes off after installation. Detailed installation instructions bellow.


  1. Remove the car key.
  2. Below front passenger seat look for sensor connector, disconnect it and leave it as it is.
  3. Than you can connect our emulator.
  4. That is all – the light should go off immediately – if it is still ON then clear faults
    with diagnostics (in garage).


sensor ocupacion asiento e88 e87 e81 e82

Anular el fallo de sensor de ocupacion del asiento BMW

Optionally you can bypass seat belt sensor fault:

Instructions :

1. Locate the yellow wire harness under the seat and unplug the main
2. Identify the small black plug which usually has Red & Black wires. These wires run
inside the black tubing towards the seat belt anchor. (Plug colour
may vary and may have more attached wires).
3. Inside the plug replace original Red & Black wire pins with simulator pins or cut the wires off and splice
with simulator wires facing the yellow plug accordingly. Original red &
black wires stays disconnected.
4. Reconnect everything back and if light is still ON then clear faults
with diagnostics (in garage).

emulador del sensor de cinturon

emulador del sensor de cinturon BMW

Averia testigo airbag – Emulador esterilla SRS – Airbag sensor pasajero – Sensor de ocupante