About EGR

Should i delete / bypass / blank the EGR valve?

Savings – Changing or trying to fix the modern EGR valve is quite expensive. Our EGR valve emulator has a low cost and is a simple solution for the big problem. You will forget the headache for passing technical inspection, black smoke, unstable engine…

Greater response at low revolutions should be noted, which could also lead to lower fuel consumption.

And the most important: by not letting burned gases to pass into the intake manifold, you eliminate the possibility that the wastes carried by those gases will accumulate in the ducts or the valves, affecting the car performance.. In fact, the congestion of the EGR valve itself due to these wastes mixed with the crankcase oil vapors (especially the older ones, the vacuum ones) have given many headaches, and the valve had to be frequently disassembled to clean it.

The EGR is an abbreviation of the Exhaust Gas Recirculation. It is not placed there just on a whim. It is a mechanism thought for reducing pollutant emissions, in both diesel and petrol engines. Anyway it depends on the users who decide to delete the EGR valve looking for greater engine performance, lower consumption and less mechanical breakdowns. Does this really have any foundation? To understand it, you should check what the EGR valve is and how it works.

What is EGR valve?

The EGR valve is a device designed to partially return the exhaust gases back into the intake manifold in order to mix the burned gases with fresh air and become part of the combustion. The valve may be controlled by the vacuum made by the intake components (the suction of the air creates a vacuum acting on a diaphragm, overcoming the force of a spring and opening the valve, which is closed again by the action of the spring), or electronically controlled by the ECU – Engine Control Unit. The latter have ended up changing those of vacuum in modern engines.

What is the purpose of EGR valve?

Why should burned gases return to the combustion chamber? Well, to pollute less. In particular, one of the components of the exhaust gases, the nitrogen oxide, is kept at bay with the help of EGR valve. The production of these oxides is greater the higher the temperature you have in the combustion, and the EGR valve reduces the temperature of the combustion by introducing back those burned gases, whose oxygen content is lower.

Motor Valvula EGR

How does EGR valve function?

Normally the valve opens or closes at low and medium engine RPM. As you have already imagined, if the air introduced into the combustion chamber has no oxygen, it does not react during the explosion in the cylinder, only “fresh” gases react, because only they have oxygen to burn. Thus less heat will be generated, which is the effect sought to reduce the formation of nitrogen oxides. When the maximum engine power is needed, ie when it is fully accelerated, the EGR valve remains closed, it does not act. It is clear that in these circumstances it is necessary to supply air with as much oxygen as possible, ie fresh air.

So far, the theory. But what happens in practice? Are there any “side effects” of the EGR valve to the engine? Indeed, as you have guessed, if we put less fresh air and the combustion is less “powerful”, so to speak, in some ways the EGR valve limits the performance. True. In fact, something similar to that happens with particle filters, they need a series of additional injections of fuel to raise the temperature and to be able to regenerate the filter by burning the accumulated ashes when it is full. In both cases, there is a small tribute to pay to pollute less.

Are there any problems to pass a technical inspection?

The answer is NO. There is no problem to pass the technical inspection  because in the pollution test they are checking exhaust gases on full throttle and as explained earlier the EGR valve is active only on low RPM. And with deleted EGR valve there is no difference in the results. Another thing, after removing the EGR valve, the combustion system will clean inside with fresh air and you will have much less ashes and coal inside. Your car will breathe.